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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #212
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2019-06-09

Topics: Call-In Show on Right Livelihood, Mark to host "Teaching Natural Law" workshop an Anarchadelphia 2019, How the ending of the WOEIH live show is set up, Review of Right Livelihood key concepts, Right livelihood is an essential component of observing Natural Law principles, the Truth community's inability to see the full scope of ignorance in the general public, people still trust the media to tell the truth, people still trust allopathic doctors, Honesty in self-assessment of our choices of behavior and occupations, Answering honestly the question "Do the actions we perform at our job cause harm to other sentient beings?," Dark Occultists and Social Engineers destroying humanity, the Truth community does not truly know who and what they are up against, the Truth community's lack of deep research into the Occult, Evil always wants to over-complexity everything to obfuscate the simplicity and elegance of Truth, the endless babble of the Ego, shutting off the ego identity and mental chatter, the realistic Biblical allegorical portrayal of Jesus in the movie “Mary Magdalene,” Self-sacrifice and Personal Responsibility may be painful in order to stop hurting others, Quitting your job is the solution to wrong livelihood, There is no painless path or easy solution to alignment with Right Livelihood, False spirituality vs. the hard-core Truth and True Spirituality, trusting in the universe to assist in providing abundance when one is living in truth and righteousness, Many hands make Light Work, Freedom will emerge when more people learn and teach First Principles, the Insanity of doing the same thing you have always done and expecting a different manifested result, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), NLP entrainment techniques, Breaking free from Emotional Mind Control, Conquering the Fear of what will happen in the short-term when quitting a Wrong Livelihood occupation,Lack of trust in the Universe holds people back from quitting Wrong Livelihood, Ignorant people are hurting others and are therfore bad people, Allopathic doctors don't care about their patients and only care about Money, Your internet search IS more valuable than a doctor's medical degree, The Lost Word "NO!," Doctors are immorally causing irreparable harm to children through vaccinations, Autism is a constructed term to cover a broad spectrum of vaccine-caused damage to human health, Healing techniques including meditation, art, EFT (tapping), the failure of the Left-brain imbalanced to understand objective morality, Lack of Heart-Based Intelligence, the Force of Syntropy manifested through the Power of the Will, the Ego always poses the extreme "exception" to the Rule of Objective Morality to derail people from an understanding of First Principles, the Ego prevents Heart-Based Intelligence, Humanity fears that the Truth is Absolute.

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