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Chart of New Testament Lineage Streams - Short
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Published 3 years ago
This is the 'Chart of New Testament Lineage Streams: Unbroken Chain-of-Custody'

The 'Chart of New Testament Lineage Streams: Unbroken Chain-of-Custody' covers why not all Bibles are based upon the same Hebrew; Aramaic; and Greek texts!

A full lecture is dedicated to this chart (Lecture Session 2), which even has several associated sub-charts and Page Briefings.

The information in the audio/video lecture, the corresponding supplemental lecture notes, and this chart contain many references hyperlinked to self-contained scans of pages, with the pertinent information underlined in red. This enables you to quickly and efficiently validate the information in it's original context. This is crucially important, since some of this information is currently being misrepresented on the Internet. Some have even lied about evidence to intentionally muddy the waters and of course they never show the scans of the pages they are referencing.

The lecture series starts in the far-right column in the chart, with the events being covered first occuring before the time Protestants or Roman Catholics existed, which are composed of many diverse groups; which have always existed since the time of the Apostles. They have existed in many counties and have been called by many names; but we have simply dubbed them the ‘Torchbearers’.

The following is the titles listed in the chart:
1. God-Christ / Apostles & Torchbearers - Antioch; Syria & Jerusalem (Traditional Text)
2. Influencers – Between the Torchbearer Stream and Roman Stream
3. Roman Religion and Empire – Past to Present
4. Influencers – Between the Roman Stream and Heretical Cult Stream
5. Pagans / Gnostics / Heretics / Cults - Alexandria; Egypt & Mystery-Babylon

Just a few of the early Torchbearer groups are as follows: Waldenses (Waldensians); Valdenses; Vaudois; Albingenses; Leonists; Paterines; Cathari - the pure ones; Dauphinese; Novation; Novatians; Piphles; Paulicians; Josephists; Wycliffists; Tisserands; Dulcinists; Toulousians; Taborites; Huguenots; The Poor Men of Lombary; Valdensian Christians; Picards, etc.

Although we highly recommend watching the lectures in order, the following is a direct link to this audio/video lecture:
The Torchbearer Series: Suppressed Bible Manuscript History Core Course B501: Session 2 of 3;list=PL0qwkdBdTcQ9r4QG2XyrqCSDo9l9b0t3Z&index=3

See for the full details on this series plus other viewing and downloading options.

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