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How do you make 19 million people wear a mask? [17.03.2021]
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Kim Osbøl - Copenhagen Denmark
Published 2 months ago |
As one of the admins and a member of Ukn8ght: I am also admin for several groups and was one of the 20+ members who first came out in 2020 forming the biggest Freedom movement we still have today.

I have witnessed the rise and fallouts of members within freedom groups; who have since 2020, parted and formed their own groups: who are still active.

Members and I, in “Ukn8ght” have always remained anonymous.
A name, or brand, to us: is not important.
Righteousness is most.

We recently chose our name (“Ukn8ght”) to opened this channel; to help those who are new and seeking censored knowledge.

Our videos and post has helped many to question and think for themselves.

Our focus is to unite and support.

We are not here to be critical and speak negatively of Freedom groups; and do not welcome this in our channel or chat.

We created Ukn8ght chat group to enable our members to discuss and share their thoughts, and hope members can help enlighten each other, as well as support one and other.

We do not wish for our chat forum to become a field for criticism:
where members attack individuals and groups: who fighting for our freedom.

We will immediately remove members with this mentality.

This energy and approach is not welcomed under “Ukn8ght”.

Please remain respectful and amicable with others in our chat group.

We @Ukn8ght (unite) stand for uniting: love and support for all those who righteous and thank all Truthseekers, Light Workers and Freedom Warriors for everything they have done to help humanity.

With Love and regards from all of us at:


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