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Dr. Tom Cowan - question & answer session - the topics are below / June 28th
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Published 5 months ago

n today's webinar, we held a q&a session; the topics are below

Recently listening to the Wednesday webinar I found myself hoping there may be similar people curiously questioning the virology myth in plant/tree health. I am now confronted by the myth in the farming and agricultural world, and wish to learn more to respond to the symptoms particular crops and trees display to discern the source of the issue, instead of pointing the proverbial finger into the world of nonsense science. Any resources, links, or contacts are greatly welcomed.
Can you comment on how you use the Analemma water wand in relation to the Aquacure AC50 Browns Gas and water
Do you have any documentation you can share on the dangers of biopsies?
In the Wise Traditions Podcasts Episode 241 I heard Sally talk about "The China Study". If raw milk proteins are damaged by freeze-drying, then logically all other proteins are also damaged by the same process. Sally said that other proteins are probably more resilient than raw milk. I was not able to find other research papers that look into the effect of freeze-drying on proteins. I still have lots of freeze-dried supplements in storage but I stopped taking them because I'm concerned. Please share your thoughts on this topic.
Could you please talk about mold and your thoughts on mold illness? Is it caused more by the mold toxins themselves or by deficiency or stress in the body prior to the exposure to mold? Would you guess that most people have been exposed to mold at some point in their life and if so what makes some sick & others not? Lastly, what would you recommend for someone who is suffering due to what they believe to be mold illness?
Please talk about how to stop taking Strophanthus, or is this based on the individual and other meds they may be taking? Does Strophanthus need to be weaned off to stop taking?
I have watched your video about vitamin D. Would cod liver oil be safe to take? Any brands you recommend, as my dad works and can not always get sunlight
What do you think about oral chelation for vaccine poisons?
Do you know if the eggshells from water-glassed eggs (using hydrated lime) are safe for chickens to eat? I presently am drying out eggshells from my flock and crushing them in the coffee grinder. Our chickens really love them. However come winter when we dive into the water-glassed eggs should I still be offering them these eggshells? Would rinsing be enough as I would do that anyway before cracking open.
The fourfold path to healing" on page 357 is a Beet Tonic recipe. It says after using the beets, they are discarded. I started to wonder what happens to beets in the fermentation process? I mean that why they are discarded instead of eaten? Why they are thrown away instead of becoming a superfood as fermented beets?
What causes Grey hair? What is the body doing (or lack thereof) to stop producing color pigment for hair? Is there any way to help the body produce color back in hair?
Why do freckles appear? What is the body doing in its infinite wisdom in this process?
Why do antibiotics "work" for a "bacterial infection" vs not for a "Viral infection" since we know both are just the body's way to get rid of dead or dying tissue? Or would they work in both scenarios and just doctors don't prescribe it for viral infections? What do doctors look at to determine the difference between the 2?
Would you recommend zeolites, vitamin C, or shilajit for someone who has just had chemotherapy? Would any of these work best in this situation or would you let the body try to recover on its own?

If you are interested in submitting a question for a future Q&A webinar, please email [email protected]

Here is the link to Dr. Sam Bailey's recent video on Lyme's Disease


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