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DMT, Legalizing Weed, & The Great Deception
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Published 4 months ago |
The most powerful Psychedelic known to man, DMT/ayahuasca/The Spirit Molecule, is going to be weaponized for spiritual warfare and could contribute to the great deception of the end times.

According to the historical standpoint of the book of Enoch this drug was taught to men by fallen angels in the days of Noah, and this drug is being used again in mass around the globe.

What could deceive “even the Elect?” Spirit entities revealing themselves and the secrets of the universe while performing many signs and wonders.

In a banned TED Talk, a famous journalist and author Graham Hancock shared that Shamans were told by spirits to combine a specific leaf with a specific vine to make the ayahuasca brew, inhibiting an enzyme in the stomach that would neutralize the effects of the DMT. This lines up exactly with what we have read in the book of Enoch.

And we know the bible says, “In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.”

Graham Hancock goes on to talk about “Mother Ayahuasca,” a female entity that people often encounter when taking this drug. She is portrayed as the mother goddess of the planet, a healer who takes a direct personal interest in our lives.

This is so clearly a great deception of the enemy. It is so important that you know the word of God, and that you are known by God. If you are far from Him, draw near to him today. He is the only, one and true God, and he made a way for you to be saved through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ.

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