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I, Honey Austen, says ‘THEY’ want us dead, and are tired of waiting. I have known of nearly a dozen times that ‘THEY’ have tried to poison us in various ways.  We are like that battery that keeps on going.

As for their latest stunt… it could be their crowning glory. Will humanity survive or not? And in case this global pandemic / genocide is too successful, the reversal of Roe vs Wade, may be humanity’s last hope if this Spike Protein Detox Guide fails.

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About this Guide

This is an evolving guide with emerging information on how to clear viral and vaccine-induced spike proteins from the body. The lists of herbal and other medicines and supplements have been compiled in collaboration between international doctors, scientists, and holistic medical practitioners.

As Covid-19 infections, Covid-19 vaccines, and the issue of spike protein harms are new, this guide is informed by established and emerging medical research as well as the clinical experience of international medical doctors and holistic health practitioners; it will evolve as new evidence emerges.

The patent-free medicines and supplements included may have differing availability around the world, however, most of which may be had from grocers and health food stores in the U.S.A. 

Who might benefit from this information?

If you have had Covid-19, have recently had a Covid-19 injection, or are experiencing symptoms that may be related to Covid-19 vaccine transmission (also called shedding), you may benefit from using one or more items from our list of medicines, and supplements to reduce spike protein load. The spike protein, which is both a part of the Covid-19 virus and is produced in our bodies after inoculation, can circulate around our bodies causing damage to cells, tissues, and organs. We do not know how long spike proteins stay in the body, however this guide is designed to reduce the load.

For the complete free guide go to:


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