Who Really Is Bill Gates - The Full Documentary - [The Corbett Report]
21 views • 02/28/2022
This 4 part documentary (all in one documentary, see below for timestamps) looks closer at Bill & Melinda Gates and their Foundation has obtained control of the very fabric of life. Gates is not a doctor but a philanthropist giving many billions to many areas and in turn have a big voice in that, and also return on investment that has doubled his personal wealth and more. But he is also a advocate for population control and many other more sinister than just a mismanaged rollout of a, on the surface, a lacklustre vaccine for corona. Are the injections solely an attempt that was mismanaged to fight the virus, or was it to perform other functions we have yet to see?
Part 1 - Monopolized Global Health (0:00)
Part 2 - Plan to Vaccinate the World (23:30)
Part 3 - Population Control Grid (50:45)
Part 4 - Meet Bill Gates (1:27:00)

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Credit The Corbett Report
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