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100 Flat Earth Photo Memes Show The Truth About Our World
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Celebrate Truth
Published a month ago |
Originally uploaded to YouTube on Nov 4, 2015 with 7.3K views.
This 100 Flat Earth photo meme journey will show that we are not on a spinning ball flying through space. The globe is a lie! Crazy? Research Flat Earth you might be surprised what you find out.
Music Credit: Rock and Roll Flat Earth Song / Music - The Zetetic Astronomers( Feat. The Lone Gunman) by Neo Retros
Song Lyrics:

There's no globe the sun is near
Believe what you believe in but the answer's here
We're motionless the earth is flat
And if you see a distant lighthouse can you answer how's that?

Gravity is just a tool and science keeps you grounded
But don't be a fool
You know the world's deceived except the few
Can you hear the round-Earth sceptics calling out for you

They say don't walk too far or you will drop
F-f-falling through the cosmos so you'd better stop
Because the world is flat and that's that, say
That Australia aint down under, it's a bike ride away. Hey!

The movie blonde, the chief the King,
The leader hanging lifeless, you must stop and think
Just close your eyes and find the truth A
Or those aliens and those masons they will come for you

A syndicate a smoking man
Send explosions under oceans can you read their plan?
That plane that crashed those bodies lost
They define it on 'their' mission as "collateral cost"

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