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🌎Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 14, 2022, # 353
🦜CELESTE SOLUM : DHS Disinformation Governance Board

📡Fire Grid Warning MIKE MORALES
🍼STRANGE TIMES... The Real Reason Behind the Formula Shortage" on YouTube
👹1666 and the Dark Messiah - ROBERT SEPEHR" on YouTube
🌎 Global Alert News, May 7, 2022, # 352 Dane Wigington
👹"David Keith - Solar Geoengineering: Public Policy and Geopolitical Consideration
📡Watch "4/29/2022 -- Secret Super Weapons That Drive Disarmament Negotiations - Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden"
130. Ukraine, Secret Service Scandal, 911 The Dancing Israeli's"
129. Ukraine Pre-Planning | United States Of Europe | How To Fight The WEF 4th Industrial Revolution
🍀 brendon o'connell "128. erik prince, rothschild, mannafort, roger stone ukraine 🍀#127. ukraine & crypto - has america ended klaus & the wef plans for world domination?" on youtube 💢mike morales "hailbombs mega blizzard tornado 🌪" on youtube 🔥brendon o'connell "126. will kissinger & associates boy putin use a nuke? who benefits? purging putin's officer corp?" on youtube 🍀123. bio weapons labs larp and a growing narrative - is russia "probing" ukraine or invading it?" on youtube ⚠️where is amazing polly?🌎geoengineering watch global alert news, april 2, 2022, # 347 ( dane wigington )" on youtube 👍 brendon o'connell "121. ukraine no& ww3 - how possible is it? henry kissinger explains circa 1958" on youtube 👹amazing polly impossible meat 👍 russell brand "oh, so this is what they’re really fighting over" on youtube 🇮🇱global threat from "greater israel" puppet zelensky time for israel to scrap neutrality and back ukraine, zelensky tells knesset • france 24 english" on youtube 🍀brendon o'connell "117. russia noinvades ukraine - the grand chess board unfolds..." on youtube 🌋 dutchsinse 3/10/2022 -- seismic unrest develops across pacific -- new deep 6.0+ means keep watch -- be prepared" on youtube 9th ⚠️restored republic gcr 3.8.22 👹crimson mist psychotronic🔪 elf frequency mind control weapons 💉 vaxlab 2021 ☠️fema death camp alert ⚠️ 📡watch "dew'd!!! at war with the hidden enemy in the next great reset ~ jon levi" 🍀watch brendon o'connell"117. russia invades ukraine - the grand chess board unfolds..." on youtube 🦜amazing polly : subversive network exposed 🇮🇱 📡5g crisis psychotronic warfare ☠️ 🍀brendon oconnell "112. the next covid lockdown? is weaponized small pox coming to us from yemen?" on youtube 🎈who is vlasdislav surkov 🐔 brendon o'connell watch "104. truckers take on covid restrictions - whats the end game?" on youtube 👹 kissinger's war in ukraine 🇮🇱 zionazi kaballah 🇮🇱 brendon oconnell 174 israel, kazakhstan,rothschild, putin,& xi d2n/ 🇮🇱 should the us invade israel ? 💉vax shedding is really emf poisoning ! 👹operation adam : celeste solum ✈️ geoengineering watch 2.5.22 🦜freedom convoy canadian truckers amazing polly 2.3.22 ☠️watch "crispr in context: the new world of human genetic engineering" 🌋 dutchsinse seismic event ⚠️1.31.22 🚨brendon o'connell assange,greenwald ,snowden ✈️mike morales 16 day forecast 🪱what is a nanoworm ? celeste solum 1.26.22
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