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Report 297 | Vaccinated and Suffering? Dr. Jean Fitzgerald Recommends Heavy Metal Detox & More
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Published a year ago

Educative and reassuring presentation from Dr. Jean Fitzgerald, a homeopathic and naturopathic health practitioner, who has been helping heal post-COVID-Vaccine patients showing evidence in their blood of clumping red blood cells and depleted immune systems while experiencing numerous symptoms of ill-health, which she says can be addressed through simple but resolute detox protocols and focus on re-oxygenating, hydrating, and supporting the mitochondria energy systems of the body. Exercise and small amounts in medicinal inclusion of alcohol also help.

Offering a sequenced look at how to detox the spike protein, detox the graphene and other metallics now found to be in vaccinated blood and in the vaccines by numerous groups of scientists around the world including Dr. Felipe Reitz whose findings were discussed here in Report 293. Dr. Fitzgerald explains many of the herbal remedies she suggests and the reactions and interactions behind the metabolic, digestive, excretive, aging bodily processes which need to be kept in mind as detoxing procedures are undertaken.

Dr. Fitzgerald assures all vaccinated who wish to heal their bodies of the toxin overload that there is “always hope” and that they must seek assistance from knowledgeable healers if they wish to offload the toxins and return power and vitality to their bodies.


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