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BRICS and CBDC’s: Are Nations Resetting Their Currencies Against Gold?
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Published 5 months ago

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Question 1: 0:41 Could BRICS Nations reset their currencies against gold?

Question 2: 1:44 Is the dollar on it’s way to being replaced as the world reserve currency, and/or is BRICS making waves for de-dollarization?

Question 3: 4:23 What do you see as most likely to be the new world currency?

Question 4: 6:27 Do you think what’s happening with BRICS is moving those countries closer to CBDC’s?

Question 5: 7:38 Could BRICS countries use a currency reset to transition people into CBDC’s? MONEY GUN: 📑 TO SEE LYNETTE'S SLIDES, RESEARCH LINKS OR QUESTIONS FROM THIS VIDEO: 🆓 GET A FREE GUIDE ON HOW TO BUY GOLD AND SILVER Take the first step towards financial security by downloading our free guide on how to buy gold and silver. It's a comprehensive resource that will help you understand the benefits of precious metal investments and how to get started. Download Now: 👋 STAY IN TOUCH WITH US 🟧 Beyond Gold & Silver:    / beyondgoldsilver   🟧 Thrivers Community: 🟩 Schedule a Strategy Session: 877-410-1414 🟩 Email us at [email protected] 🟩 Official Homepage 🟩 Videos & Research 🟩 Listen On The Go: 🟩 ITM's Twitter: 🟩 Lynette's Twitter: 🟩 Facebook: 🚨 BEWARE OF SCAMMERS Accounts are impersonating ITM Trading in the comments. Our comments will have a distinguishable verified symbol. Please beware, we will never message you asking you to give us money or talk to us on other platforms such as WhatsApp. This is our only YouTube channel. 🗓️ SCHEDULE YOUR FREE STRATEGY SESSION TODAY Don't wait any longer to secure your financial future. Schedule your free strategy session with ITM Trading today by clicking the link or calling 877-410-1414. 🛡️ ITM TRADING: YOUR PARTNER FOR FINANCIAL SECURITY We are the industry's most recommended precious metals company for a good reason. Our mission is to help you protect your future, freedom, and legacy by providing expert guidance and customized strategies. Don't miss out on the opportunity to secure your wealth in uncertain times. Call us today to schedule your first strategy session: 877-410-1414. ITM Trading Inc. © Copyright, 1995 - 2023 All Rights Reserved. #bank #economy #gold

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