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FREE Garden Fertilizer You Already Have!!! Liquid Gold
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Common Sense Cowgirl
Published 4 months ago |
Yup, it’s liquid gold. For thousands of years our ancestors didn’t waste…… literally anything! Urine is one of the best fertilizers on the planet! Now I’m not suggesting you pee in bottles and save it up all around your house (I used to know a hippy lady that did that- GROSS!) It’s easy- just have a designated bucket or watering can! You won’t have urine in a can sticking around long if you water your plants every day like I do.

So what about watering with urine when there’s fruit on the plants like berries/tomatoes/squash? Well, you could either discontinue the urine treatment once the plants have fruit if it grosses you out, or just be sure to harvest the fruit at the opposite time of day. Like water in the morning with your liquid gold, and pick the fruits in the evening or vice versa. Also, always wash your produce no matter what you’re watering it with.

Is urine dirty? Well, like I said- from a healthy human free of infections, free of prescription poison…. I mean drugs….. NO! Urine is actually sterile. Urine really isn’t “waste” like poop because it contains excess vitamins and minerals your body couldn’t process. A BIG side note- DO NOT USE VAXED URINE! If you’re unvaxed that is. It appears the spike proteins can come out in body fluids (like urine). I just wouldn’t chance it.
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