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Is This How The Transhumanist Agenda Will Connect Us To The Matrix? The Great Reset.
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Published 3 months ago |
When you consider this is legitimate science and five years old you can comprehend why E=Mc2 is so twentieth century. Just from beginning to ponder the potentiality of capabilities is mind blowing.
Yuval Noah Harari with his formula for the 21st century is absolutely correct BxCxD=AHH
B Biological Knowledge x C Computing Power x D DATA = AHH Ability To Hack Humans.

The potential for micro bio Hiroshima is very real and through genomic sequencing data this literally gives the very real potential for genocide by text message.
It is no surprise we are in the realm of World War Threedom.
Virtually everyone knows the propagandademic Covert19 is a lie for deliverance of the Great Reset, Agenda21 N.W.O and currently hardly anywhere on the planet knows freedom as it was pre 2020.
They say it's a 'War on Carbon' but clearly carbon is at the core of the war.
We are electro chemical organisms. If implanted or injected with a self repairing highly conductive substance with such capabilities the possible outcomes are very frightening.
Ultimately there are loads of crazy stories out there but this is very real science.
This isn't a movie...... you don't get to walk out the cinema, smelling of popcorn. It's real, it's here, it's now.

It explains the psychopathic smirks of Schwab and Gates.
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