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9 New Omniversal Beings
Published 2 years ago
In the past month, 9 new beings sent forth by Source has entered our end of the Cosmos. Omniversal means they are from beyond our 15 dimensional universe, and refers to the realms of the All That Is. These beings are new and are really like "points or emanations of consciousness." We gave them a "form" to enable them to be coherent as a stable emanation of consciousness to which we can relate. The are like a new set of eyes for Source and seem to be here for a mission to heal all distortions that have been mis-created in this end of the Cosmos. Thus, they indicate they'll be "with us" for eons as the healing of humanity and recovering the human avatar blueprint is for a monumental purpose beyond our 3D imagination. I was guided to introduce them out to the world so that they can truly establish themselves here. Watch and listen when you have time to integrate the energy as they can disrupt your equilibrium. As always, take only that which resonates and compost the rest! Blessings on this incredible journey.
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