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A Million Mengeles? ICIC
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High Hopes
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Banned Youtube Videos

Jan 23, 2023

In this episode of ICIC, Reiner Fuellmich, his co-host, philosopher Joseph Molitorisz, and their guest, economist and author Patrick Wood, take us on a journey through the chilling origins and evolution of Technocracy, the nefarious figures and ideologies behind its mechanistic power structures and its cunning and covert implementation through social engineering. Self-appointed "Elites" have hijacked politics and established "puppet nations" from the comforts of their NGOs. They disguise their evil intentions with appealing catchphrases and Orwellian-Speak while insidiously luring the masses into their dystopian world of Transhumanism.

Obsessed with playing God and drunk with power, they have emerged from the shadows and are arrogantly hiding in plain sight. It is high time for mankind to wake up, stand up, expose and reject their anti-human agenda and co-create a beautiful New World.

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