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** Vaccine Shedding Causing Miscarriages and Blood Clots in Unvaccinated Females ** - InfoWars/Reese – 29/Apr/2021
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Published 2 months ago |
** Vaccine Shedding Causing Miscarriages and Blood Clots in Unvaccinated Females ** - InfoWars/Reese – 29/Apr/2021
- Banned.Video, Greg Reese – 29/Apr2021
- Video:
- Quantum Suit -
-- Reports of bleeding in girls as young as 1 years old
** Comments:
• Excuse me you all have to buy a QuantumSuit,com
• There's an expression which goes like this; " It is better to live a single day as a Rooster, then to die like a chicken!”
• The polio vaccine causes some people to continuously shed poliovirus for decades. Look it up. Same thing will happen with this.
• Just wait for the vaccinated people to develop Prions disease. Then we'll see SHTF
• Yes, real vaccines create new strains of real viruses. If this is not a vaccine but a bioweapon that causes autoimmune responses, how can these people spread something? You can't inhale autoimmune disorder the same way you can't inhale schizophrenia. GMO food doesn't change your DNA or RNA too. It doesn't make sense. The only way is if covid vaccine ingredients enter your bloodstream after blood transfusion. If I'm wrong Alex Jones should prepare us by selling coffins.
• Everything is superb....just don't call joe biden president bc he's not legally the president, Trump never conceded. Call him by name...Joe biden...and that's it, he ain't the president and we can't perpetuate that bc language is powerful. Joe Stealing Biden
• this lethal deadly genetic modification injection is the bio weapon people are really going to start dying now these people are insane ! no one I know will listen. I need to seek out like minded people like us and make some sort of plan so survive
• This is going to be more like the MOVIE: Children of men, rather than some zombie apocalypse. They are killing the ability to create children and it will be rare to see a natural birth...
• Wow! Just wow! Thanks for documenting those simple deadly maiming truths!
• Please don't say President Joe Biden, he is usurper Joe Biden.
• The vaccinated are carrying the disease. And they’re all going to blame the unvaccinated. Great.
• Sherri Tenpenny talked about this and she would concur. She says the term we should be using is "transmitting" as opposed to "shedding". They are transmitting something alright. They don't know what it is unfortunately, but it seems to be wreaking havoc on people. Fuck our stupid government, public officials and the big pharma crooks for aiding and abetting this disaster.
• I get what your saying, for one as has been stated already by quite a few presenters the "vaccines" ingredients are actually unknown and protected by laws which means for the most part relatively few people have any sort of idea what is actually in the mystery serum that is intended to be put in us. That leaves a lot of room for speculation and fear mongering as it is the best approach is to simply not take the shot and not comply since everything that has been allowed to pass is showing us that the government does not believe its citizens have "rights". Since that is largely the case compliance is death because you strengthen the position of medical tyranny writ large. I have no idea how many of the listeners would correctly understand that, even "IF" everything around the shot was on the up an up we still have an exposed tyrannical government and a rising two tier class system that should not ever exist in a free and equal rights society. Again since the ingredients are protected from public knowledge we then can and should go on the track record of the companies and individuals pushing the shot, since the reputations are pathetic at best then you know exactly everything you need to know to make a sound decision if you are so informed.
• Pfizer put out their own study showing that vaccinated people can shed the spike protein and cause secondary adverse effects in those they come into contact with.
• Perhaps you need a little facts from doctors who have a hell of a lot more knowledge than you do
• Tell that to all those women who are now bleeding uncontrollably, have pieces of uterus lining coming out, even at 70 years old gets period again or young women who stops to have them, lives in pain, infertile and all they did was be near somebody who was stupid enough to believe media fear mongering and took that euthanasia shot. They will happily die and drag civilization along with them all for greed and mental illness of peoples like Gates.
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