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Quantum Dots | CoVax Multifunctional Properties Of Graphene
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Published 8 months ago |
Dr. Arivana Love. A Stew Peters video interview.
Stew Peters' Show

Humans are able to communicate wirelessly from within—and now considered a GMO, and ‘patentable”?
Does Graphene Oxide,
Graphene Hydroxide,
Quantum Dots,
Gene deletion,
Gene Drives,
Propane(yes the gas for your grill)
Wireless Nanocensors,
Do any of the above pose a health risk?
Of course they have been to thoroughly studied for safety, what are you a dork? What kind of question is that. I'm offended you would even question whether their was a safety issue or efficacy hick-up. Now, roll-up your sleeve before anything else wise comes out of you.

Is Graphene Oxide and other toxic ingredients present in testing protocols and masks? The ‘Patents reveal the ingredients‘—Dr Arivana Love. A Stew Peters video interview.

WHO will be held responsible?
“Dr. Robert Malone: 500,000 American COVID patients didn’t have to die”

WND. | “97.8 percent of vaxxed young patients suffering myocarditis received mRNA shot within 30 days, American Heart Association Study finds”

The Liberty Loft. | “U.S.Senate set to pass resolution to nullify Biden vaccine mandate”

WND | “Federal judge blocks Biden’s last remaining vaccine mandate”

WND | Covid Shots for the rest of your life?

“I Think We Will Need a Fourth Dose” – Pfizer CEO Says 4th Covid Jab May Be Needed Sooner Than Expected (VIDEO)

GP. Discover more information about Covid:

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