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COLLAGEN & ANTI-AGING: Truth About Collagen: You do not need collagen products for your body to produce collagen!
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Published 3 years ago
ROOT Review with Dr Dori Naerbo and Clayton Thomas
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Collagen, the glue that keeps us together.

Quick summary:
The Collagen product industry is a multimillion industry, It comes form animal products and fish. Does it really work for skin rejuvenation?
How ROOT products take years off our face by stimulating your body to produce collagen

Animals in factory farms are exposed to heavy metals and contaminated water, full of fluoride and glyphosate in the feed.

Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and Clean Label Project (CLP) tested 28 Collagen Products:
(Use of arsenic as an alternative to antibiotics in antibiotic free chicken)
64% had measurable arsenic levels
34% had measurable levels of lead
33% had measurable levels of mercury
17% tested positive for levels of cadmium

The truth about diet shake powders
ORGANIC CHICKPEAS most toxic because they spry with glyphosate to dry them so hummus is loaded with it. It is not i the chickpeas but sprayed on them so they can get away with labelling them organic.

The small amounts of glyphosate in baby food is per serving not per jar.
Sources of Collagen
Bone Broth is very good but we live in such a toxic enviroment, the nutrient content is not the same as before. It has some benefit but it a polluted is a toxic juice of heavy metals.
It doesn't matter what you are consuming, it is contaminated, so you have to plan accordingly, therefore the ROOT products.

Lead is found deep in the bone.
Women go through menopause not because of age but because of toxins.
Because of lead and fluoride leaching out of the bones around age of 50, that is what causes menopause.

That is all in your collagen skin care products and collagen supplement products.

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