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- InfoWars, Alex Jones – 16/Nov/2021
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• We will raise the title of liberty, for our God for our country, for our wives and children and for our religion. We will not be divided we will be free! Hopefully we will not have to shed blood, but we pledge our lives, our treasure, and our sacred honor. We will follow the arch angel Michael into battle against Lucifer the great dragon and his angels and we will set Lucifer under our feet with our valiant testimony of Jesus Christ and by his unmatched power and authority!
• When docwe rise up and fight commies. Let's bears arms already. I'm tired of playing these games already. 2 years have gone by.
• I can't believe this is actually happening, Godbless General Flynn, fucking love him
• General Flynn would be the best choice as the next vice president. With his influence, Trump's warp speed campaign could still be credibly corrected.
• I feel it. Definitely and undeniably--something is changing. Astrologically I know that there was a new age recently, and our world is corresponding. General Flynn is correct. I know that I'm resistant to this change, but I think that it is inevitable. I will adapt only so far oh, but I will not become a slave. I will live free, or die!
• I can only hope there’s more men like this left in the military. Obviously not at the top though
• At least Flynn has eyes to see! Yes, General Flynn is better suited to be president than Trump who does not understand or fully see the real enemy pulling the puppets' strings. He can only see the puppets and his trusted Commie advisors who tell him the Clot Shot is good and to throw his Jan 6 supporters under the bus... We still must understand and see the enemy and see it's evil Judeo-Pagan roots which include slavery, genocide, Pedophilia and ruling the world. That IS commanded by their angry, jealous, evil, blood thirsty Pagan goD, sadly right in the bible. That is the Pharisaical Pagan goD which the real Jesus pointed out as standing in opposition to him and his/our loving, giving, forgiving Father... That's in the bible too, you did read the bible? We must ditch the many Pharisaical Pagan parts of the bible to get to the real truth, which will "set you free." It was Jesus who told us that Heretics, Blasphemers, those who question ALL authority are the real righteous ones. They are the questioners of "Authority" which corrupts in a flash, when it doesn't come precorrupted. The real Jesus pointed out and bashed on Power/Authority promising $alvation for blind obedience to Them! "The blind following the blind into the ditch...." The Austrian-based Inquisition is back again, and good never comes of it! Authority threatens us with slavery, lockdown and even "NO $alvation for for YOU" for disobedience to Them. Cults always threaten death and damnation if you dare question Them, blasphemers!
• I would advise every citizen of the world to keep a supply of Ivermectin on hand, the next variant could be 10X more lethal and you really do not want to be continually shot up with a poison dangerous concoction they erroneously call a "vaccine".
** General Flynn urges pastors to defend the Constitution from the pulpit
- Natural News, Arsenio Toledo – 03/Nov/2021
Article & Video:
-- Former National Security Advisor and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn told host Pastor David Scarlett during the Oct. 29 episode of “HIS Glory” on Brighteon.TV that Christian pastors should not be afraid of using the pulpits in their congregations to defend the Constitution.
The general talked about the different ways people can serve their country.
Flynn believes the one thing Christians can do is to uphold the Constitution at all times. Flynn made this comment as he was talking about the Johnson Amendment, a provision in America’s tax code that prevents nonprofit organizations from either endorsing or opposing political candidates.
“Johnson took the ability from our religious, faith-based leaders – their ability to talk about politics because of this Johnson Amendment,” said Flynn. He pointed out that former President Lyndon Johnson created the amendment in the tax code “out of vindictiveness because of a pastor in his own community that went against him when he was trying to run for Congress.”
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