That Was Then and This is Now
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We look at all the demonic things that were done way back in history, witchcraft, sorcery, voodoo, and we think we are too sophisticated, too educated to be involved in those things today. Music by Send Rain

 God warned the Israelites destroy these nations, don’t intermarry, or their bad habits will rub of on you?


Paul tells the modern day Christian the same thing today?

I know you’re going to make a Christian out of Him or Her, more likely than not they will make a pagan out of you? How many converts did Noah make, how about Lot?

They didn’t listen and sure enough they became just as pagan as those God destroyed before them.

The alters of Moloch and the operating room at Planned Parenthood are the exact same thing. Sacrificing the unborn, sacrificing innocent blood to devils.


America’s land is polluted with the blood of the innocent and everything evil going on in our country is a judgement, Our corrupt Government, courts, inflation, homeless, etc.

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