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The U.S. is Shaking out of Anger┃Russian Pilots have Delighted China with their Actions
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The Prisoner
Published 14 days ago |
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Many years of experience in my work have made me realize that being a truth seeker is not an easy task. Every day I have to deal with a huge number of misinformation, which is able not only to change people's minds but literally turn them into real plants, without the ability to think independently. That's why I created this channel because I realized that all the media are biased, and the journalists working there do not have their own opinions. These journalists only say what is beneficial to the ruling system. Studying the incident over the Black Sea between a Russian fighter jet and an American reconnaissance drone, I, first of all, began to look through the news and analytical channels of the Western media. And everything I heard and saw disappointed me. In the Western media, I only heard accusations against Russian pilots. I only heard what kind of non-professionals they are and that Moscow is trying in every possible way to start the Third World War with its actions. In short, I did not hear a single objective assessment of what happened. For the sake of interest, I began to study the reports of the Chinese media about the incident over the Black Sea.

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Russian Navy At the Site of Downed U.S. Drone:


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