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I just have some questions surrounding the timeline, the behavior of both the police and Mr. Walker, and the immediate response from the community prior to a completed investigation.

Why did Mr. Walker resist arrest?
If true, why did Mr. Walker discharge his weapon at police officers while attempting to escape in his vehicle?
Why did he hop out of his still moving vehicle wearing a ski mask?
Why was he driving around after midnight in Ohio in summertime with a ski mask in his vehicle?
Why are all of the officers presumed guilty of a crime?
What exactly is the community protesting when they have no idea what really happened?
Why is the media showing us, what looks like a senior high school photo instead of an updated current photo of Mr. Walker?
Why do these scenarios only become national news when the perpetrator is black and the police officers are white?

This has become all too common and all too predictable at this point. Rayshard Brooks violently resisted arrest, stole a taser after wrestling two officers to the ground, and then attempted to flee into the community. Daryl Brooks was an emotionally compromised devout black supremacist who hated white people, he was a violent repeat offender, and he purposely plowed his vehicle into a parade of children and elderly women. Jacob Blake assaulted the mother of his children, resisted arrest, then reached into his vehicle ignoring police commands. Frank James popped gas on a New York subway and then began to indiscriminately fire upon helpless citizens. George Floyd was a longtime drug addict, he was a violent criminal, and he also resisted arrest. Unfortunately I could go on and on with examples of black men victimizing law abiding citizens who, more often than not, are black themselves - only to be later exalted as a victim of a system that had no hand in their decision to step outside of the laws that govern us all. Maybe Mr. Walker didn’t have a firearm, maybe he didn’t shoot at the police, maybe he was out after midnight on his way home from work, maybe he thought the police were coming to assassinate him because he believed LeBron James over the statistical data, maybe he put on a ski mask so his face wouldn’t be cold, and maybe the protestors are clairvoyant and know, without an investigation, that the officers are guilty and Mr. Walker is innocent of any wrong doing.



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