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Her front leg was injured, many passersby wanted to help but were afraid of getting into trouble
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High Hopes
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Pitiful Animal

May 25, 2023

Thanks to a local friend, I found these three puppies

Before I saw the three puppies, I was so happy about it

When I went to pick them up, something unfortunate happened.

Two puppies were removed from the railway and the third dog lay flat as if unconscious.

One front leg was badly injured.

Hundreds of people walked past them, but didn't want to help because they were afraid of getting into trouble.

It was thanks to Ivana that I was able to take the puppy to the vet, where her paw was amputated.

I called her Lucky, hoping that luck would always come to her

At that time, Lucky had his stitches removed.

The foot was healing.

Her leg was a little swollen but would be fine soon.

She no longer required special care.

Love, care and family was the best thing I could give this special girl.

We were sure Lucky would be happy and enjoy life for himself. The only thing I regret was that the two sisters were no longer alive.

Their ability to trust, love, and enjoy life was amazing.

Lucky could run on 3 legs already.

She didn't care that her body was flawed

She mingled and played with her friends enthusiastically.

Looking at her, I wanted to hug her to escape all the troubles in the big world

Lucky was 4.5 months old, she was so fresh and innocent

She did not need any special care.

Running on three legs was amazing.

I was growing up and now it's time to find a family.

If you looked into her eyes, you felt she was yours

Come to the youtube channel: Pitiful Animal, you will see touching videos about the journey to rescue street dogs.

Like many others, I only fought for the sake of justice.

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Thank you very much!!!!!!!

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