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radio-Homme saison 1 ; Hans Trooper dénonce les misandres, les envieuses, part 3
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Hans Trooper
Published 8 days ago |

Notice to the moderators : My videos are about culture and life, and yes they do have an entertainment and humorous, and provocative qualities, but they are mostly about culture and life, which encompasses all the other categories, so I would appreciate that you leave my videos in the culture and life category, as I always set my videos in that category when I upload a new video. If you change the category of my video, I will change it right back to the category I chose for my video, which is the appropriate category of Culture and Life. 

Notice to the losers, trolls, and trollettes, obsessing on me, and trying to harass me since 2016. I will not read any of your messages or comments in the Disqus comments sections of my videos, anymore, and you will not take anymore of my time, with your lies, and hatred-filled comments, and even though your stupid comments have not been removed by the moderators, the public will see this comment notice right here, for each of my new uploaded videos. So I don't read the Disqus comments sections of my videos, since the moderators are biased against me, because these ''moderators'' have personal feminist agendas they are pushing, like drag queens, and fat people pride, and all that garbage, so anyways, these moderators do not respect the community guidelines of Disqus, so I don't go to the comments section of Disqus anymore, I could care less, about what the obsessed troll who has been doing an obsession on me, since 2016, I mean the guy is a loser, and a deranged mind, and yet he calls me that, lol, he calls me names, that,s what teenage girls do, they call names, denigrating names, anyways you get the picture that troll is a liar, at the bottom of the lowlifes.

So why should I read his crap, I don't anymore, it's a major waste of time. And i've already replied to a number of his many many vile and or pestering and negative comments, so I feel good, and I'm a super happy man, my videos are honest, truthful, hot, great, and brilliant, and I don't force nobody to watch my videos, or to like them, but I deserve respect, and these comments sections are a festering ground for the most lowlifes there is, trolls and losers of all sorts, and so to me, I would juts remove that Disqus comments section if I could, but I don't have that option, so instead I write this notice here, so that the public, and also these trolls and trolletes know, that I will not go read their comments, although I might flag comments there, on the Disqus comments section, but I will not read what they write, they can choke on their lies, and gabage.

The comments of these trolls and trollettes are full of lies, mockery, and hatred, and the people see that they lie, and that they are cowardly, with their multiples fake profiles, they will never reach me anymore, I don't want to talk to them, they bore me, and they are extremely negative and unhappy people, they are a bunch of angry childish young ''adults'', and very angry teenagers, ugly and cowardly disease in society, and I have no time to waste in reading, or replying to their flthy comments, or replies.


Comment written by me ; Hans Trooper 

The title credits of my video, has taken clips of the original Hawaii Five-0 tv series from the 70s, so those images belong to CBS, and other copyright holders. Except for a few images that belong to me.


Also, I use the soundtrack of the original Hawaii Five-0 tv series from the 70s, the opening soundtrack, a musical track composed and played by the original band 'The Ventures', so the Hawaii Five-0 song credits goes to them, and the copyright also.  

Thank you for letting me use clips of the Hawaii Five-0 tv series from the 70s, and also the amazing soundtrack from the 60s surf band 'The Ventures'.

video produced by me ; Hans Trooper

Hans Trooper copyright 2018. ©

Hans Trooper 2018 tous droits réservés. ©


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