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2022 The Year of We The People of The U.S. and the World: Liberty, Libertà, Liberté, Libertad, Liberdade, Freiheit!
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Published 6 months ago |
January 2, 2022 Straight Shooting News

We begin by first accepting who our Enemy is, and resolve defeat them at all costs by recognizing our mistakes from the past that are still being made today. Fact the USA and Wall Street Built Hitler’s War Machine.
Link to Communist China’s ‘Document 9’, translated, from NOVEMBER 8, 2013 – this is discussed in the first video clip.

It is important to stress this point to begin Our New Year. For those who are reliant on political parties above basic principles to rescue the Free World from Tyranny, I say, “Unless We The People are prepared to hold politicians, corporations (and for most of us through our own investment habits!) accountable for the actions being made, we will be wasting our time.”

Our Constitution Has The Answers. We The People Will and Can Win by Our Actions that speak will louder than words, and we can still do so in a peaceful manner, for now anyway and 2022 will be the year to put the process in motion.

Video clip – to put what was stated in perspective, w/ Ben Domenech
(Bonus link:

Back to what I said about political parties and principles, here are a few excerpts from the Libertarian Platform of 1972, the year that party was born. Keep in mind, the Libertarian Party is NOT the same party now as it was then. It was a Constitutional Party in 1972.
FOREIGN POLICY … Diplomatic Recognition … “The United States should establish a scheme of recognition consistent with the principles of a free society, the primary principle being that, while individuals everywhere in the world have unalienable rights, governments which enslave individuals have no legitimacy whatsoever.

Video clip - Taking Back Our Country means electing officials from any political party willing to take a stand against Communist China and not cater to corporations, or the Educational Institutes that have been Perverted by Communist Chinese Money!

Listen to this next clip about how the Communist Chinese have utilized from their Document 9 scheme against our U.S. Military, with the aid of the traitors within our government, while keeping in mind what we have been constantly reminding everyone about how throughout Chinese History plagues have been strategically used to defeat their enemies; the Bubonic plague was used to take down the Ming Dynasty from within.

Also keep in mind the First Amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights guarantees Our Right to Religious Beliefs!

Video clip …
Our Founders were wise men who had just defeat the greatest military on the face of the Earth at that time, to win their Independence and develop a new form of government where the Government had to answer to We The People, as opposed to the people bowing and kow towing to their supreme leaders who govern over them.

As we stated from our very first show in April of this year, from the day that precious document was signed and blood was shed, foreign powers and influence of tyrants began working to destroy it.

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