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Russian "General Armageddon" - Short Clip of Commander Surovikin - First Interview in this Special Operation.
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Cynthia's Pursuit of Truth
Published 3 months ago |

Full Text is at link further below, the general synopsis.

⚡️ The first interview with the new commander of the joint group of troops in the NVO zone, General of the Army Surovikin, was released on the Rossiya 24 TV channel, the summary:

- We are one people with the Ukrainians and we want Ukraine to be independent of the West and NATO, a friendly state for Russia. Our enemy is a criminal regime that pushes the citizens of Ukraine to death; - In general, the situation in the special operation zone can be described as tense;- The enemy does not leave attempts to attack the positions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, first of all, these are the Kupyanskoye, Krasnolimanskoye Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog directions;

- Daily losses of the enemy amount to hundreds of people killed and wounded;

- We do not strive for high rates of offensive, we methodically grind the enemy and move forward, we protect the lives of our soldiers and civilians;

Surovikin on the Kherson region: the RF Armed Forces will ensure the safe, already announced departure of the population under the resettlement program being prepared by the Russian government;

- The Russian grouping of troops is increasing its composition, creating reserves and building defensive positions along the entire line of contact;

— Strikes with high-precision weapons are inflicted on military facilities and infrastructure facilities that affect the combat capability of Ukrainian troops;

- There is evidence of the possibility of Kiev using prohibited methods of war in the Kherson region, preparing a missile attack on the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station;

 - The Su-57 fighter stands out in terms of the quality of combat use during the NWO, with each flight it hits targets;

 - Russian drones during the special operation carried out more than 8 thousand sorties, attack drones destroyed more than 600 objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

- Further actions in relation to Kherson will depend on the emerging military

-tactical situation, it is not easy, difficult decisions cannot be ruled out.

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