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Lymph drainage in Biomagnetism Therapy
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How paired magnets increases the lymph drainage in Biomagnetism Therapy?

So in my sessions, particularly, depending on the issues, the imbalances that I find, I prefer that the patients take home magnets with them so that they can reinforce the work that I have done and continue the progress going. At the same time many of the -- the majority, I will find certain infections and have to recommend that; you know what, this cough that you have had for the last six weeks that you've taken numerous antibiotics and it hasn't worked. I feel energetically that other family members are sharing it. So even though we could do a culture analysis of the flame that comes out and say it would come negative for a strep, I still find the pH imbalance that's left over from that strep infection.

So they received antibiotics and it "got rid of" may have eliminated the strep, yet the inflammation is still there. So they may go, you know, another four weeks before finally the cough goes away, but it's now a reactive cough. It's just inflammation that's left over and the body hasn't recovered appropriately. So through the use of magnets, I simply restore the pH and the body heals, sometimes instantaneously within minutes. Other times it may take 24 hours, other times it may take two or three weeks. It depends on how much inflammation there is, and what other underlying issues are occurring. But oftentimes -- so the mother took the antibiotics, she still has the cough, yet one of her sons also has the cough.

He hasn't taken antibiotics, but if that mother goes home, within two or three weeks, her son has given her back the strep, and she persists with strep. And she'll take other antibiotics, yet it is now inside the home and it's going from child to the husband, back to the mother. And so it just becomes a merry-go
round, then six months later, the entire family has been on antibiotics and it just around and around and around that goes.

And so by having them take home magnets, she can place the magnets on their lungs, on different areas of the body to help stabilize the pH imbalance where either the strep infection was hiding out. Or where it was causing the most inflammation, whether coughing causing the reactive cough or the flaming throat or the post nasal drip, you name it. And so that way, we can take care of the entire family and that way her issue will go away, much faster.

No, you still have the inflammation. It's just your body can't feel that symptom. You've turned down the volume. You haven't actually solved anything for that individual, much less raised were stimulated their immune system so that their body can overcome whatever was causing that in the first place. And so the mental focus should be okay, why is the body responding with inflammation in that particular area? Is there an infection, is there an emotion? Is there a nutrient deficiency? Is there a toxicity overload? No, what is going on?

And so through the work of biomagnetism and the bio energy work that is done with it, you can determine exactly what is going on. And so in some individuals, they have a massive headache because of underlying emotional issues that they have. They're going through a major divorce, and as much as they don't want to admit that all that stress is causing that, they can take all the pain killers they want, but that emotional stress that they're going through, is what's causing that.

And so everyone is different, but once again, using the bio energy work, and learning how to think about disease and health in a different light is just so amazing for patients, because once again, they've been for years suffering from a lot of these things. And nobody has been able to come up with the appropriate solution until you start thinking outside the box. And stop thinking about; well, let me just turn down the volume. Because ultimately the volume is going to be raised in another organ, in another area through a different mechanism.

And the body is just going to continue to keep trying to talk to that individual and show them different signs and symptoms, yet, they're going to take another painkiller, something else that's stronger. And so ultimately, you're throwing the body off in many more ways on a chemical level, on an energetic level, on a nutritional level because you continue eating the same foods that are unhealthy for you.

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