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Children Are NOT Sex Toys!
Published 3 months ago |
Saw this first on Coach Dave's program this morning

He lays it out very well, but had to stop short of saying it is the Jews and instead rips one of the organizations they founded - masonry. He stopped short of naming them directly to help avoid getting his channel deleted.

My take: Though he did not go beyond "it is the masons" because you can rip the masons all you want and never get deleted, he still covered key points with regard to what is really going on. The main points:

1. they spent 300 years setting up the world for a fall now.

2. They want everyone enslaved.

3. They want a majority of the population culled

4. It is not enough to have people enslaved, they want the people to be as perverted as they are and they intend to enforce it and kill anyone who does not comply. This means the child sacrifices, pedophelia - the whole thing must be complied with and condoned because it is their goal to take everyone to hell with them.

MY INPUT: Their envisioned end game is to get so many people cast into hell that their combined power will be enough to overthrow God in a final battle. The Jews do not believe God is infallable or all powerful, they instead think he can be overthrown the way they overthrew Trump. There were, after all, battles in heaven where satan had the audacity to challenge God, and he happened to lose the last time around. Prophecy states God will win the next time around also, but it does not mean they are not going to try. To build their ranks as tall as possible, they are attempting to corrupt as many people as possible. Obviously the Jews think they are superior and therefore we should not matter, but they are doing it anyway.

What this priest has to say is a must listen.
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