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5G & 60GHz - Beam me up, Scotty!
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Flemming Blicher
Published a month ago |
60 GHz is not just-another-5G-frequency! This frequency is both for use in a new WiFi standard, and for use in your home, on street level and on 5G(4G+) network level.

But it has a dark dark secret - Which is not so secret anymore!

According to the RF Global Net, 60 GHz has exceptional absorption properties that 'eats up the surrounding oxygen:

In the opening speech of the 2020 5G Crissis Summit, Josh del Sol and Dr Rashid Buttar discusses 60 GHz alarming oxygen properties, and the even more alarming health effects on the human body:

Link to 'The Russian Study' that Dr Rashid Buttar is discussing, and which was only publicized in 2012, after being classified since 1970'es.:

The radar technology in 5G (4G+) is called Phased Array. On Wikipedia Phased Array is described as a Radar technology:

Video on MikroTik routers which radiates an enourmous 10 W EIRP:

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Flemming Blicher

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