Katherine Watt: "Legal Walls of the COVID-19 Kill Box" – The Legalized Global Depopulation Plan
667 views • 02/12/2023

(Feb 9, 2023) Slide presentation for Medical Doctors for COVID Ethics International (D4CE) with host Charles Kovess. Katherine Watt is an accomplished writer, researcher, and paralegal. She explains how we currently find ourselves in what the military describes as a 'kill box'. The COVID “vaccine” program was actually a facade for a centralized military operation led by the U.S. DOD, the Central Banks, and the WHO. Getting to where we are now took decades of planning, law making, and forming international partnerships to be able to execute their “clean and legal” illegal global genocide. At the end of her presentation she explains that there are many effective actions we can take to fight back! The presentation was followed with a 90 minute Q&A (link below).


 Katherine Watt's downloadable presentation slides for "Legal Walls of the COVID-19 Kill Box":

Katherine Watt on Substack "Bailiwick News" :

Doctors for COVID Ethics:

Video source from D4CE's Charles Kovess:

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