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The Ministry of Truth: "We Are Your One Source of Truth; Disregard Everything Else | Discernable
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Published 2 months ago |
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In an act of astonishing hubris, some PM's are now going full dictator. Jacinda Ardern has informed NZers that the NZ government is the "one source of truth" and to "disregard everything else". As she builds "quarantine" camps, along with other Anglo-American leaders. The Covid Taliban has arrived. - FNQ Citizen's Collective

By: Discernable
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The Ministry of Truth has expanded beyond NZ and now has an outpost in the Federal Australian Parliament.

The major parties united to censor much of the debate around Covid, prophylactic treatments, vaccines et al. The censure operates to completely disallow topics of discussion.

In this clip we discuss why we must tolerate the danger of allowing some misinformation in our public discourse. There is no other choice - for our long term safety we MUST have a plurality of ideas, because too often in history the truth was first seen as fringe.

'Every single new and good idea was, at first, in defiance of the accepted wisdom, just like every bad idea is. At first, you can't tell the difference. But allow the people to speak and allow the truth to win in the end, because it does.'

'We can learn nothing new...if no one is allowed to dissent from the current accepted wisdom then we are now locked in place. We will never learn anything new because everything new starts as a dissent from the accepted wisdom.'

This is a segment from Episode 6 of The People's Project which you can view in full at:


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