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1. Steve P: After the reset, instead of converting your metal, wouldn’t it be better if we used our silver and gold as collateral and borrowed fiat against it?
2. Eric E: what can you say about when the 10-year Treasury Yield crosses below the Federal Funds rate which we seem to be nearing and has occurred prior to most recent recessions.
3. Rich: why is the fed balance sheet important. If it is expanding, that means they have more bonds. Let them expire and get the cash. Nobody wants them so how can you reduce balance sheet?
4. Robert K: There is currently a bill in the U.S. House (H.R. 5404) that proposes defining the dollar as having a fixed weight in gold. Do you think it can pass?
5. Brendan F: Are ETFs that short the S&P just as risky as any other ETFs in a market downturn or market shutdown?

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