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All you need to know about Vaxx safty by Steve Kirsch
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Published 2 months ago |
A pdf, we go through one slide at a time- stay in your heart- I cried and cried after I finished this video- it confirms all we think we know about the death tolls...

This PDF was provide through Jeff Prather- if you are not on his channel Patreon I suggest you get there.

This is a link to get to this pdf as well as more information from Steve Kirsch

The one thing I want to stress is as you learn more about other sides of the story you have to start questioning.
Everything- do not take my word for anything- go look and see for yourself.

Life was uncertain before, but if you do not know you don't have a chance.

The most amazing part of all of it is that we are in the midst of one of the greatest revivals in history.
What you know or don't know will help you get through the period of darkness in-between.

STAY IN YOUR HEART. Use your breath. We will see each other on the other side of this!!!
Blessings and peace

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