Hold Your Ground, Don't Give in an Inch
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Stand Your Ground, Don’t give an inch. It is not the time to be going backwards?

Music by Send Rain, Shod definition source Dr. Mike Rogers FBT

First let me mention that if you surround yourself with Truth most of your problems will go away or never have become a problem in the first place?


Second; The Breastplate of Righteousness protects your vital organs, When the fiery darts come flying in it will allow you to react in a Christ like manner, the word planted in your heart along with the Holy Spirit will guide you in your response to the fiery dart.


I want to talk about that word SHOD, it is a military term and it is defensive in nature it literally means to stand your ground and don’t give in not even an inch.


It means to stand firm, do not retreat, The demonic Host have a goal you and that is to trip you up and knock you off your feet.


So, what is the ground that Paul is telling us to hold?

First; Defend the gospel, don’t give an inch, absolutely no compromise. (LGBTQ+)

Second; The Bible is true, every word, God breathed, there are no errors.

Third; I am Saved by The Blood of The Lamb.

Forth; I am forgiven, every sin, past, present, and future.

Fifth; Jesus Christ is coming back for his church;

Sixth; Hell is real and you don’t want any part of it.

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