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Mike Harris: How World History Has Instigated The Blood Feud Against Syria, November 3, 2015
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Published 3 years ago |
Alexandra Meadors and Mike Harris of share a thorough review of what lies behind all of the headlines regarding ISIS' targeting of Russia, Syria, and Iran. You will learn about the Khazarian Kings who initiated this blood feud and how it has carried through to today's headlines.

A fascinating analysis of how ongoing cash flow is created within the military industrial complex to feed "competing interests" directly disadvantageous to the citizens of The USA, RUSSIA, SYRIA, and other countries. You will learn more about the key players in counter terrorism measures, which factions have been removed from the terrorist watch list, who the real players are within ISIS, who is ultimately funding ISIS, who is not playing within the world banks, and much much more. Did you know that a step by step process has been implemented to steal Syria's industrial complex whilst all of the warring goes on?
This interview is jam-packed with breaking news regarding the Syrian conflict and many of the implications associated with The Patriot Act?

The question now is how do We The People use their tools against them to regain our freedom? Study up on the writ of mandamus folks and see the potential that ALL of us can delve into!!! We need your help to spread the word like wildfire! Let's do this!
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