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KGB Spy Reveals How to Destroy a Nation Covertly Through Ideological Subversion
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Published 10 months ago |
A former KGB spy reveals how to covertly destroy a nation through ideological subversion. This means of warfare does not need missiles or tanks but simply propaganda and moral decay. With today's mass media consumption, media becomes a very easy, quick and effective means for warping the minds of the youth, destroying morals, destroying family values, and completely engineering the perceptions of large populations in a matter of a couple generations. This is largely apparent today in America. Look at how peoples perceptions on what is acceptable and moral has changed in just 20 years, 40 years, and 60 years. It is exponential with the exponential growth of technology and people being plugged into it constantly. People can spend each day consuming 5 hours of entertainment but have only 30 min of quiet time before bed to reflect on their thoughts. 30 minutes is not enough time for deep thought and thus people are stuck in a perpetual loop of skittering around surface level thoughts. Our attention spans are being wrecked. You must ask yourself if this sudden change in moral conduct and perceptions came about naturally. Think about 200 years ago, 500 years ago, or 2000 years ago. Take, for instance, how women dress. In the past this hardly changed at all. Look at today and it is changing every 3 years. What is acceptable in public now (yoga pants) would not be accepted just a few years back. Even look at fashion trends. These change so rapidly because of the influence of the influencers which are the celebrities and idols. What the media portrays, we mimic. Humans naturally have a herd mentality and like to do what others are doing to fit in. This is exploited by social engineers to control a nation. Just like the Romans and many other empires, shortly after the morals of an empire goes, soon will be the fall of that empire.

Stand for nothing, fall for anything. This is the motto of America. All truths are accepted (except Christianity and that which is moral) and everything goes. People are pushed around in the wind of every doctrine and belief that is artificially induced upon them by social engineers. Because people do not spend time in deep thought and are always consuming entertainment, their entire belief system, thoughts, and reality are mostly not their own. They have either option A or option B in which they are given, whereas a free thinker is able to come up with C through Z.
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