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The Prayer Of Jehoshaphat - Solution For The Pandemic - Apr 2020
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Ministry Of Healing
Published 2 years ago |
What is the solution for the 2020 pandemic ? The prayer of King Jehoshaphat.

This video will explore:
* What can we learn from the experience of the ancient King Jehoshaphat (0 min 47 sec)
* The Modern Siege - The tracking of people by Apps and mandatory vaccination (25 min 15 sec)
* The health dangers of mobile phones, electromagnetic frequencies and 5G (42 m 45 sec)
* Former Microsoft Boss shares health dangers of 5G (57 min 30 sec)
* The Invisible Rainbow - History Of Electricity and Life - (1 hr 4 min 20 sec)
* Dr Rashid on the origin of the current virus pandemic and 5G impact on humanity (1 hr 23 min)
* The Illuminati plan for a New World Order & 25 Point Plan For World Control (2 hrs 5 mins)
* Bill Gates predicted the "plandemic" in 2015 (2 hrs 18 mins)
* Vaccine contents and your health (2 hrs 27 mins)
* USA weapons used against citizens (2 hrs 34 mins 20 sec)
* The rush of passing the UK and USA Bills on 5G and the global "virus"
* The role of the Vatican, Education Pact, Vaccination and the New World Order (2 hrs 47 mins)
* The forthcoming National & International Sunday Laws ( 2 hrs 54 min 50 sec)
* The solution to the pandemic - Christ our High Priest & God's Natural Health Plan

Following the video, review the Everlasting Gospel via the Bible's Three Angels Messages:
* First Angel's Message -
* Second Message -
* Third Angel's Message -

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