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"KI_ _ED": How You Complete This Word Indicates What Technology Has Done To Your Brain! But That Is Only The Beginning!
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Justus Knight
Published 5 months ago |
To understand the psychology of technology is becoming increasingly critical! So much research and time is spent developing it to allegedly make our lives ‘easier’ that very few take the time to discuss and expose the long term impacts of what it is doing to our brains and well-being. Thankfully there are a few.
“KI_ _ED”, what does it spell? Seems simply enough, however one answer indicates that technology may be winning and actually warping your mind. During this broadcast we are going to discuss may studies that are showing how our new found electronic ‘convenience’ is actually destroying our lives, making us depressed and leading to thoughts of death and suicide. The real concern though is not for you and I, it is for our youth; the effects on them is three fold and increasing daily. I will give your some suggestions on what we can do to help them fight back!


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