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The Devaluation of the Dollar is happening now! My future plans include making many more videos!
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Professor Curtis, O.G.
Published 6 months ago |
What will you do with your next, which could be your last Stimulus Check? My wife has given me the a-okay, to get busy making videos. Weather you are married are not, you should be aware of the power of having 2 minds working together. This is why each of you, my family online mean so much to me. The Shit is going to get thick over the next several months, and we're going to need to support one another. I, truly appreciate your subscriptions and your comments, and it is my intention to bring you more and better videos in the immediate future, espousing on the subjects and the predictions that I have already expressed. Thank you each for all of your support! ~Prof.
The Government cannot and will not save us. 55 million are unemployed, and those are the people that we know about, and still, there is no agreement among the politicians to issue a second stimulus check to the people. Small restaurants and retail business are all but finished. The entire travel industry is doomed, and the supply chain is permanently broken! Food shortages are returning, as the price of food is quickly rising. I live in an apartment. There is no room for me to store 7 years of food to prepare for the Famine of Joseph. There is no time left either. This is why I have items to trade and barter with. I also have developed skill that I can trade. In Genesis Chapter 47, life became more than very hard. In verse 15, it is recorded that money failed in Egypt. The prophecy of the judgement that follows the 400 years of affliction can be found in Genesis Chapter 15, verses 13 and 14.
In the here and now, money is failing. The printing of money has gone into high gear and that is why the value of Silver and Gold has risen so much since March of this year. Silver was $15.00, now Silver is $27.00+ and it is still going up. Back in March 2020, you could buy 5 ounces of Silver for $100.00. Now, that same $100.00 will only buy you 3 ounces of Silver. The devaluation of the dollar is happening right in front of us. If you have just 10 ounces of Silver, you have more Silver than most people on earth. If you have skill like the ability to cook, sew, make repairs, and if you have the ability to trade fairly with desperate people, you'll make it. But keep these thoughts in mind, yesterday is gone. This is not the new normal. This is our grace period to get better prepared for the new normal and beyond. Some folks are really hoping that life goes back to normal, in fact the hope for the "return to normal" is the only thing that is keeping many people going forward. And without that hope of a later success, they will fold up like a house of cards. Be cautious out there. All it will take is a small push, to give an unstable, over burdened person an excuses to go off and accidentally kill someone.
*Keep stacking, and stack now during this grace period! After the end of the second lock-down, prices, on average items, might very well double or triple. ~ Prof.
As the writer Michael Snyder once said; The only V-shaped recovery that
we are going to see is a V as in Venezuela style recovery.
Change is now.
***** This is the global financial reset! *****
Heads-up! The supply chain is broken. NOTHING is coming in from China.
Most of what we import did come from China. Get to the hardware stores!
We are in a bad situation. The timeline has been revealed and it
cannot be altered. Mayan Calendar date 12/21/2012 The end of the world prophecy was misinterpreted. The truth is, 7 years of feasting will be followed by 7 years of famine! On 12/21/2019 we began the 7 years of famine. Keywords for the 2020's Gold, Silver, Cryptos, Food, and Cash Money! ~Prof.
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