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Moving to New Earth & Bombshell Intel about the Mass Arrests
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Mass Awakening
Published 2 months ago |
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In this video, I'll discuss the theories on how humanity’s spiritual transition to 5D New Earth as a collective will happen. I'll also explain what is New Earth, what is 5D consciousness, how we are going to transition, or already transitioning, to this new earth, how does the mass awakening help us shift to 5D consciousness and ultimately, into New Earth, and how is it connected to the ongoing battle between good and evil on earth.

I also provide intel about the mass arrests and investigations (yes, it's happening… with evidence on my blog), the machinations behind-the-scenes. A lot is happening and the light is winning although it seems to be the opposite.

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Always discern and do your own research.

Merry Gitmas everyone – not my words…. But Santa Surfing’s

Image: Two earths existing side by side simultaneously. Alloya Huckfield

To the Victory of the Light & Let’s Make Earth Great Again.

This video is based on my last article entitled The Mass Awakening of Humanity and Moving to New Earth

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