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Dr. Stephanie Grutz is our guest this week on the show, talking about the benefits of UV light therapy and IV treatments. Donald Trump recently made remarks about how light could help treat the infamous CoViD-19 disease, but as always, media distorted the message and thus the impact was lost. Dr. Grutz joins us to expand on those sentiments and more.

After having her own type of awakening experience to the mishaps of the medical system, Dr. Grutz began dedicating her life to righting the wrongs of the system by helping remind people what is for. With a little help and research, she started her own supplement line and built an IV clinic which also treats cancer patients! It's 2020, and we actually have a doctor that wants to treat and heal her patients instead of profiteering from their suffering. We discuss her transformational journey and how it drives her even today.

This mind-blowing interview will not only highlight some of the hiccups in healthcare, but also the necessity of research and even practically applying the results and integrating them into your life. While it may not be a heavily political or conspiratorial transmission, this episode carves out a unique space to explain our modern medical landscape. Truly, we are in fascinating times.

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