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43. MMS: Why Bolivia is 7-times safer than the U.S. from Covid-19 (Hint: Its in the Water)
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MMS, CDS & more Molecular Meds
Published a year ago |
Bolivia is the only known country in the world who openly has allowed for perscription Chlorine Dioxide (CDS version) to be given by doctors. They legalized it through their government. They have also been handing it out in the streets to people because it is an excellent profolactic (preventative) against Covid-19. Here the number are showing that their country is one of the only ones that is exeriencing a drastic drop in cases and deaths from the virus. Example: On Nov 27, 2020, the U.S. had 3.7 people per million dying from it whereas in bolivia, .5 people per million died from it. That is bigger than a 1/7th difference in mortality rates. There are other countries using it unofficially and China, the biggest supplier of Sodium Chlorite (raw material to make ClO2) is reporting none. I believe that China and Bolivia (and possibly Peru) know something about medicine that our Media is not sharing with us in the U.S.

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