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In 1959 9 campers life force, eyes, tongue sucked out by Mobius' Bigfoot hybrid & Ruvik Naga vampire
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*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (September 2021). There are many demonic entities returning to our realm from the abyss in these End Times and more hybrids from underground bases, as the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist New Age Wicca witch nephilim & chimera alien incarnate avatar people in cloned hybrid human avatar bodies sacrifice more of our human homo-sapiens specie children in their Baal Moloch abortion clinic temples and Pedogate Pizzagate “White House Pizza Night” pedophile cannibal LGBTPB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transvestite Pedophile Bestiality) orgy child sex magick “bisexual Draco chimera” “quadsexual Pleiadian nephilim” “multisexual Mantis chimera” “hermaphrodite Pleiadian fallen angel” spirit cooking rituals, in order to generate negative life force energy to open up all their CERN and other star gate wormhole portals. Our Almighty Holy Righteous Loving Creator God YHWH Jesus had imprisoned all these fallen angels and their Nephilim children and chimera children in the abyss after Noah’s Atlantis flood judgment. Some 6 meter tall 20 feet tall bear and snake and human hybrid Yeti Sasquatch Bigfoot alien ETs attacked a city in Russia called Mezhgorye near the Russian Area 51 “Mount Yamantau”, and the city had to be closed down and the people evacuated. They set things on fire because they feed on fire, just like we drink water. They jump long distances like kangaroos. They were reported from all over the Ural, since the Mayan calendar December 21, 2012. They seemed like a hybrid between a bear and human but had reptilian tongues. They seemed unstoppable, but they used Hebrew proverbs against them, and they froze just like a deer freezes in the middle of a road when it sees a headlight. They had spikes on their arms where lasers can be fired. They love to drink blood, so they pierce animals and suck the blood. They are used to cause fire, so wherever in the world where they have huge fires, these creatures are seen. They are connected to Satan Lucifer’s Saturn planet Nazi 4th Reich bosses Draco reptilian chimera aliens. They tore a brown bear apart to pieces. They appear in parts of the world suddenly and disappear suddenly, so they believe that they are coming in from wormhole portals. There are thousands of them in each region. They are faster than our Kruger company super soldiers “Flash” allies. Mobius company calls their Illuminati New Age Hindu Naga snake human hybrid chimera alien creatures “Ruvik”. They make it look like they are slow, but they suddenly attack with lightning speed, and they suck all the life force and soul out of the humans. They are just as fast as the Kruger superheroes and M.U.R.G. (Monarch Umbrella Refugee Group) “Justice League” super soldiers. They parasite on the humans’ life force. They suck it so fast that they suck all the liquid out of the body. The victim looks like a mummy afterwards, as depicted in their Illuminati propaganda movie “The Mummy” and the Dementor in the movie “Harry Potter” and the giant spider in the movie “Lord of the Rings”. The victims’ heads break open and spider-looking creatures come out, because they are the fetuses of the Ruvik. They feed on the brain. The Ruvik are part A.I. and part biological. They were not meant to be created, and only was made as a stem by Mobius company. They are multidimensional creatures.

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