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21. Create!
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Published 8 days ago |

Today you’ve said “Cheers!” to a woman,

She wished you joy some time before –

There is a rule-book of the human,

Which marked a borderline for

Conventional, accepted thinking

As if your personal account,

Which finally builds up your place in

Zombie society around.

It's easier to think by templates

And on a short view [1] lightly swim

(In the majorities’ stream):

The high-school, songs, affairs with mates,

Some college, house-keeping, job,

Repair, booze, time pressure, loan,

Retired pay, diseases, nod…

Swim with the tide as a result,

Did you want so generic foam?

But ask yourself: “Have I been useful

For our common planet Earth?”

It means creating something worth,

Important, practical and truthful:

Good melodies for life and pleasure,

Or vivid novels with the truth,

Or thoughtful poems with wise measure,

Or some new medicine for cures;

Or some front-rank instruction method,

Or some big cinema brainchild.

Have you made an effective effort

To bring the truth to the beguiled?

Or have you taught a lot of people

To understand the good and love?

Or how to solve the lifeway's riddle:

To be successful, smart and suave?

Or have you built an honest business,

Or maybe saved folks' health and lives?

Or have you ever made resistance

To spinning facts and trumping lies?

Don’t live by the recycling only,

Create a new, search for, perform,

So let your forwardness be strongly –

To be effective you were born!

So, if you want to be surrounded

By pretty Muses on the way –

Be pure-and-assertive-minded

And shine with the creative ray!

I wish, let love and inspiration

With peace of mind and high self-rate

Will give strong wings for aspiration

To make a study, to create!

[1] “On a short view” is an idiom, meaning from the point of view of the near-term results.


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