How can you be divorced if you never have been married? Quebec never confederated.
48 views • 04/14/2021
We are 99% and we change the system.
We remove 1% 
The Sovereignty explained here is the real freedom.
We have a Sovereign Solution,  type of Government =Republic+a specific constitution.
We are Sovereigns, we recognize above us only our Creator, we are above the Constitution and Government.
The Constitution is written by the people for the people of the people.Part 1-8 , general provision and first paragraph is the constitution, the articles are about how the administration will be working.
The constitution has nothing Man Made inside , adopts the Natural Law, recognizes our Sovereignty and unalienable rights.In same dictionaries inalienable means can be removed by consent.
To have a real protection, your rights have to be unalienable, given from the Creator.
There will be no Queen, King, President, Prime-Minister above !All of us , as Sovereigns, will vote for every important decision, will be the final decision-makers. The Government/Administration has to apply the ourcome of the vote.If you have a Prime Minister, King, Queen, President in your country, your authority as Sovereign is not recognized. 
As Sovereign you have to be above the Government and Constitution.
There will be many administrators working for you, all equal , they will never decide, you decide all the time what they will be doing.
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