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Tytler Cycle - Fatal Sequence Chart - Short
Published 3 years ago
This Page Briefing displays a comprehensive visual of Tytler's Cycle called 'The Tytler Cycle Chart'.

The Tytler Cycle (also called The Fatal Sequence, The Freedom Cycle, The Cycle of Bondage, The Cycle of Democracy, and The Cycle of Nations. ) is a social concept often attributed to Alexander Tytler (Alexander Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee, a Scottish advocate born in 1747). It explains an inevitable natural pattern that all nations which have ever existed pass through, and is meant to demonstrate the hopeless repeated depravity of mankind.

This cycle is often mistakenly misspelled as The Tyler Cycle, The Titler Cycle, or the Tiler Cycle.

The following is the Tytler's cycle sequence of events:

The FIRST Tytler event is: From bondage to spiritual faith;
The SECOND Tytler event is: From spiritual faith to great courage;
The THIRD Tytler event is: From courage to liberty;
The FORTH Tytler event is: From liberty to abundance;
The FIFTH Tytler event is: from abundance to selfishness;
The SIXTH Tytler event is: From selfishness to complacency;
The SEVENTH Tytler event is: From complacency to apathy;
The EIGHTH Tytler event is: From apathy to dependency;
The NINTH Tytler event is: From dependency back to bondage.

Is Tytler's theory correct? We recommend doing your own research to confirm if it is.

Where are we in the Tytler Cycle?

Some say that we are in the end of the seventh phase of the Tytler cycle (complacency to apathy) or the beginning of eighth phrase of the Tytler cycle (apathy to dependency), due to the rapidly increasing indifference and complacency of society concerning the truth, discernment, and morality of the Bible. Others go further to say that the ending of the eighth phase of the Tytler cycle or the beginning of the ninth phase (from dependency back to bondage) could begin once the antichrist establishes his one world order, since that would require all nations to be simultaneously subservient and dependent on him, during which then those with the mark of the beast will be trapped in the coming bondage phase.

However, this would be implying that the Tytler cycle is prophetically aligned with Revelation. We don't know if this is true, so this is all merely speculation about the Tytler cycle.

Where do you think we are in the Tytler cycle?
The first phrase of the Tytler cycle, The second phrase of the Tytler cycle, The third phrase of the Tytler cycle, The forth phrase of the Tytler cycle, The fifth phrase of the Tytler cycle, The sixth phrase of the Tytler cycle, The seventh phrase of the Tytler cycle, The eighth phrase of the Tytler cycle, or The ninth phrase of the Tytler cycle?

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