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Insidious 2-way Control of Perceptions and Information (Part 1)
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Published 10 months ago |
Discourse on the current (more-or-less covert) methods used by the 'media' mafia to control both our perceptions and in the dissemination of (dis- or mis-) Information. In this example, I posit RL instances and examples of their methodologies, based upon a simple search done on YT (YouTube). The 'two way' control alluded in the title here (which, BTW is different on YT due to their censorship/bans/shadow techniques) can be summed up in simple terms; they demote, censor or hide the Truth (information), while promoting, enabling and preferentially positioning whatever mis- &/or disinformation, &/or that which supports 'their' narratives [''they' being those in charge of promoting said narratives].

In my example, I chose a relatively neutral search re: most common GMOs (genetically-modified organisms). I had done similar searches, in past, and on the YT venue, had been shown a relatively neutral and fairly well-mixed result of relevant videos, with many good videos that were meant to inform and warn of these potentially toxic biohazards, and which of these are [most] prominent in our food supply.

What I found was the 2-way control mentioned above, essentially hiding the most relevant information, but also promoting the IDEA that GMOs are indeed 'safe' and not harmful in any way. Coincidentally, (or not) that is what the corporations who produce and promote these gen-toxic 'foods' WANT US TO THINK. Also, perhaps NOT so coincidentally, this is the same view promulgated by the 'government' (alphabet agencies of corporate-whore 'government' [USA & others]);. Can anyone say "...FASCIST"? Please, if anyone isn't sure what the word means, regardless of false narratives and jack-booted thug imagery or emotive connotations, please look it up; it's about governments and corporate controllers being allied in control of the populations that they 'lord' over...

Anyways, This is the first of probably several videos, as it relates to one simple [YT] search, and this one primarily sets up some of the machinations that 'they' are employing, exposing THEIR methods and how insidiously their little 'hide-&seek' games come to shape our perceptions, substituting both LIES and/or disinformation in place of Truth.

Soon, ONLY the most diligent archivists and seekers will possess &/or be capable of disseminating the real TRUTH...

PLEASE WATCH, SHARE AND DO SOME INDEPENDENT CHECKING (Look it up) to verify for yourselves what the 'truth' is regarding their machinations. We are being pushed into a corner and forced to see & hear all their lies and false narratives, if we are not persistent. How long will it be until ONLY the lies and such are visible?

In Part 2, I will extrapolate and expose in more depth just what, and how, 'they' are deceiving and manipulating us, forming the bases for misconception and perceptions leading to false beliefs...


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