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Brighteon Broadcast News, July 4, 2023 - Chlorine dioxide prepping solutions + France BURNS
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Published 3 months ago

0:00 Prepping Solutions

22:59 France

24:58 Submarine

32:18 Gravity Waves

- Amazing resource on chlorine dioxide, the ultimate prepping molecule

- Where to get 500 tablets for $30

- Chlorine dioxide tablet patent - how it works

- "Woke" OceanGate company used college interns to engineer entire electrical system

- Migrant rioters in France set fire to 1,000 buildings and ignite 5,600 vehicles

- Gravity waves cause "churning" of spacetime across the cosmos

- Proves that the speed of light is NOT a constant

- Speed of light definition is self-referencing junk science

- Faster-Than-Light (FTL) warp drives cause "wake" of gravity waves

- Sensitive detectors can spot FTL travel near our solar system

- FTL warp drives are powered by consuming stars: Quasars, magnetars, pulsars, etc.

- Astronomers confirm that stars are vanishing from the night sky

- They are likely being consumed as energy sources to power FTL drives

- Earth is more valuable as a planet than our own sun is worth in terms of energy

- Earth is being subjected to a planetary ethnic cleansing / annihilation operation

- Exotic technology is injected into billions of humans to cause infertility and death

- Terraforming operating are taking place under the cover story of a "climate crisis"

- Earth being prepared for a post-human future

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