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EUM Cristian Terhes: "Were You Properly Informed About What Is Going On?"
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European Parliament Member Cristian Terheş from Romania speaking at recent press conference in Brussels.

Terheş condemned EU officials who claim to represent the "most democratic institution" while shunning "fundamental rights" and transparency. "The question I address not only to you in the Parliament, but to every European citizen, to ask your own governments: Were you properly informed about what is going on?" Terheş asked. "Because we had many debates at the beginning of this year in Parliament, where we demanded full access to contracts signed between these companies that produce the vaccines and the European Union."

He held up heavily-redacted copies of government contracts with Big Pharma. "So you're imposing a medical product upon European citizens without them knowing what's in these contracts? Not only do they not know, but we [MEPs] don't know.

"I want to show you some of those pages and you tell me if it's okay for European citizens to be exposed to this situation where they can't go to work, can't go into a store, can't take their kids to school, cannot travel freely from one country to another, unless if one is vaccinated with one of these products.

"As a former US president said, 'Freedom and liberty is only one generation away from extinction.' We are living in that type of time right now, and it is our duty and our call to fight for liberty," Terheş concluded.

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