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Dr Tom Cowan and Biologist Stefan Lanka discuss the FRAUD called germ-Virus Theory(aka Virology)
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Published 8 months ago |
Biologist and virologist Stefan Lanka explains:
- The history and ancient Greek philosophical cult origin of virology (Democrates), and updates us on his ground-breaking study that will disprove the basic tenets of virology.

- Why "virus/germ Theory" is actually a religion.

- Talks about Pasteur's published diary where he admits using fraud to push his plagiarized "germ theory"

- That HIV, Polio, Ebola an many other so-called "viruses"(all viruses) are frauds

- How the scientific term "virus" was hijacked and the definition silently changed in order to move the "scientific" community and world firmly into the false germ/virus theory paradigm for the purpose of profit and population control

- The reason "science" intentionally used this fraud to have an explanation of sickness and disease that did not include God or creation.

- Exposes that the cancer concept of "Metastasis" is also a fraud - Metastasis is where a "cancer" allegedly breaks off and spreads to other parts of a body and encourages everyone to study the extensive research of Dr Harold Tillman who also exposed much of this many decades ago...

- Explains how the field of "virology" is "self fooling mechanism which disproves itself simply by the nature of it's process"

- States (and has proven in the Supreme Court of Germany) that "no alleged contagious virus of any kind has ever been observed, isolated or genetically sequenced from the body of anyone who is claimed to be infected by a virus..." - basically, there is zero scientific proof that such a thing even exists.

- The truth is rapidly growing in many places - "Over 30% of the German population no longer believes in the validity of germ/virus theoretical concept"

- Mentions that excellent research of the true origin of disease by Dr Geerd Hamer called "New German Medicine"

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